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ETOLIX offers a variety of teas prepared from leaves, pods, stems and/or roots of organically harvested plants. No additives, preservatives or other chemicals are added during the process.

Etolix has several product alternatives aimed at meeting specific customer needs. Our weight loss advisors have been trained to assist the client with two main objectives:

  1. Stimulate weight loss: SLIMMING TEAS
  2. Recover and maintain the client’s balance and health: HEALTH TEAS.



This is a wonderful combination of the two main objectives of Etolix, because it has depurative, detoxifying effects and it is also a stimulant of the functions of different systems: digestive, intestinal, lymphatic and excretory, combined with their slimming properties and fat burning.  Detoxification in the Etolix program is mandatory to start the program and consists of one whole day of consumption of liquids (24 hours without chewing), accompanied by the intake of this detoxification tea. Taking the Detox Energy Tea starts the night before the detox day.

The results of the Energy detox are wonderful; on this day, a customer can achieve to lose weight, in some cases, up to 7 lbs., as consequence of the elimination of accumulated feces, fat, toxins, liquids and other harmful agents retained in our organism.


The Etolix Maintenance Tea is taken once a day. Its function is depurative and detoxifying. It acts softer than the regimen teas, and has been designed for clients who have been discharged from the program after having reached the final goal, established jointly between the client and his/her Etolix losse weight advisor. It can also be consumed by clients who do not need to lose weight but want to lower body fat percentage and achieve homeostatic balance in a smooth and gradual manner. A maintenance tea contains the amount of plants required to reach a daily intake for 28 continuous days (4 weeks).



  1. WEEKLY REGIMEN TEA: It must be ingested daily during the stay in the Etolix program, usually twice a day. The Regimen teas accelerate the metabolism and stimulate the elimination of fats. This is the reason why its daily intake is so important so as to ensure a continuous and fast reduction. In addition, our regimens have detoxifying and depurative effects that boost their actions, so that their intake allows little by little to reach homeostasis or body balance for those who consume them.


  1. METABOLISM ACCELERATOR TEA: During his/her  stay in the program, the client must adhere to the food indicated in the Healthy Etolix Plan. When the client consumes food or beverages not allowed during the program he/she must consume the METABOLISM ACCELERATOR tea before they have fulfilled 24 hours of its intake, accompanied by a liquid diet, according to the indications that are supplied to him/her. This, accompanied by the indicated diet, will allow the client to purify what he/she ingested, cleaning the body and preventing the client from “sealing” or paralyzing their daily loss of weight and fat, and can quickly continue the program without mishaps.



  1. DRAINING TEA: This tea supports wonderfully  the drainage and elimination of excess fluids, toxins, fats, pathogens and waste substances from the body processes, through the stimulation of the lymphatic system and the excretory system. The plants used in its manufacture have astringent, diuretic, anti-inflammatory, immune system stimulating, depurative and detoxifying effects.drenaje
  1. COLON CLEANSING: This is a product similar to Etolix Detox in terms of its goal of cleaning the colon. Although the client will loose some weight with the loss of feces, liquids and toxins while taking this product, it is not recommended for the main achievement of weight loss. With Etolix Colon Cleansing, for 6 days, you will treat your colon with XX, which is a very beneficial plant that will allow you to clean and help strengthen, not only your colon, but also your kidneys and liver. This program was designed as an anti-inflammatory device for this organ, improving its operation and favoring a better absorption of nutrients, while stimulating the organism to the release of toxins. It should be accompanied by the Healthy Eating Plan and Organic Hydration.

       colon cleasing

  1. ZERO ANXIETY TEA: It has soothing effects. It significantly reduces the anxiety that can cause the consumption of food; more specifically carbohydrates and sugars. This tea possesses very beneficial properties that also helps him/her to control and reduce his/her need to smoke.