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Our Etolix 4th Edition of Special Week “Dreamy Summer” was truly marvelous. The results of the  Dreamy Summer” week really surpassed our expectations. We had an average weight loss of over 7 pounds. Some of our clients lost more than 10 pounds; we established a new record during this week, a woman with a 2 points loss of visceral fat in just one week. This had only been done in a previous Special Week by a man, and men normally are the ones that lose higher values of fat and weight.

During the Dreamy Summer”, 4 of our participants of this Etolix  Special Week lost 2 points of visceral fat; of these four participants, three were women, meaning that in this opportunity,  Etolix established a new record, because not only did one woman achieved a loss of 2 points of visceral fat in one week; three women achieved this amazing goal. We at Etolix are so very happy to have been a part of this achievement and are extremely proud of these three ambitious women. 

The eliminated fat percentages surpassed more than 2% (being the registered highest value 2.9%) along with other loss values just as extraordinary to see for only a one week regimen.

The Etolix 4th Special Week “Dreamy Summer” was a wonderful experience, not only for the participants, but for the Etolix staff as well. It was truly gratifying for us being able to live  day to day as we listened to our participants and experienced their faces full of happiness and satisfaction at the end of this Special Week. It was a difficult week, but thanks to the hard work and commitment of everyone, all participants have had an exemplary performance.

We at Etolix will remain to work very hard in the future with the goal of helping our clients to obtain such marvelous results and we want to thank our participants, it was only due to their performance of following the established diet, along with their great positive attitudes that made the difference and show the results on which we can offer today.

Etolix was born with the idea to help guide and motivate people who have made the decision to close an unhealthy chapter in their life and to begin the fight within themselves to become the healthy person they have always dreamed of. At Etolix we not only work to help  improve the client’s physical appearance; we also work to recover the client’s return to homeostasis (balance within) followed with a recovery into good health. 

We want to congratulate all participants; because really, and we mean this genuinely, not just with empty words: All participants became winners the moment they decided to take control of their lives. But, as with any competition, there can only be one winner, the one participant who showed the best results above all others: 

The winner of our Special Week “Dreamy Summer” is Mrs. Marcela Sanabria.

Marcela lost 10.2 pounds during our Special Week and she is one of our participants who established a new record of loosing  2 points of visceral fat. She also lost 5 cm. of abdominal circumference as well an extraordinary record of 2.5% body fat. All of her numbers set new records, which is why we at Etolix are very happy and proud to congratulate Marcela for such extraordinary results.

Marcela S.


The second place of our special week “Dreamy Summer” is for our participant Jessica Pimentel.

Jessica started with Etolix with 311 pounds. This week she lost 10.2 pounds, to reach 274.8 pounds. She lost one point of visceral fat, 8 cm. of abdomen circumference and 2.1% of body fat, also super super outstanding values.

Jessica P.