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Etolix main goal, not only to work actively with the client so he/she can reach his/her ideal weight, but also to help him/her to recover their health, using practices and alternative methods. Our tools are the same foods; as we use the ancestral knowledge of the benefits of seeds, integral grains, flowers, leaves, fruits and other elements coming from nature, to put it at the client´s service.


Our motto is to return to nature, to our roots, rescuing the philosophy of our ancestors of using herbs to balance, regulate and heal our body.


Our advisors will teach you how to choose the healthiest alternatives and recommended combinations when eating. During our scheduled consultations (or whenever you require), you could contact our advisor with any doubt or questions concerning the program, and he/she will tell you, if necessary, changes in size of portions and types of food, properties or benefits and dosage and ingestion of the Etolix teas. During your stay in the program we will continue using natural practices with healthy eating habits, to stimulate your body to regenerate, detoxify, rejuvenate and heal, until your body has reached the desired homeostatic equilibrium.




At Etolix we are characterized by our professionalism. Although we do not follow formal medicine guidelines, we have an advanced knowledge of herbs and natural properties of foods, product of years of research on the subject, handling clients with obesity together with other health conditions.


It is a company policy, that our consultants and advisors, go through the Etolix regimen, and complete such successfully. In this way, we show them the effectiveness of the program, and additionally, we guarantee they know it in depth. Every Etolix advisor has to go through and pass a training period  made up of several modules, being the most important ones the handling of the benefits and natural properties of foods and herbs, use, preparation, dosage and characteristics of the different products Etolix has to offer. Also, the handling of the ranges or levels of the different health indicators to control during the program: weight, BMI, body fat, visceral fat, abdominal circumference, among others, and how they relate to age, sex, height and client complexion, and also how to make a client correct evaluation, registry and explanation of the advance in the health indicators, during the weekly control consultations. For Etolix, is very important that the client learns to take care of his/her health and to maintain an adequate weight; therefore we give digital information, tips and useful alternative practices, through our advisors. Also, we give support through our support chats, regarding heath and weight loss matters, that can be used in a very beneficial way in his/her daily life.



Because none of us are the same, Etolix offers each of our clients personalized attention by adjusting our regimen according to the particular characteristics of the metabolism of each individual.