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The Organic Hydration Plan – Energy Whey.

Water can make up to 75%, as a component of our body, and is indispensable to keep it healthy, because, other than helping to cleanse the organism and to eliminate toxins, is also acts as a very efficient vehicle to transport vitamins, mineral salts and other vital nutrients to nourish the human cells.

For Etolix, water is a fundamental element, so much that it makes the third column, or base, of its weight lost program.

Etolix enhances the benefits of consuming just plain water by enriching it with other foods, whose properties increase the benefits of ingesting water. The most important is the artichoke; this food contains several properties that give support to our weight loss program, what makes it a very efficient tool: it reduces cholesterol and triglycerides levels, regulates digestive and intestinal functions, controls appetite and blood sugar levels. Additionally, it is a natural probiotic.

The Etolix Whey or artichoke water (homemade) is the vehicle used by the body to eliminate toxins, retained liquids, fats and pathogen agents, among others. This whey also has other ingredients, with fat burning, anti-inflammatory and diuretic properties:  green tea, curcumin, and cayenne pepper.

Finally, canary seed milk is added to the Etolix Whey or artichoke water Homemade, making it a tonic or restorative drink.

With all these elements, The Etolix Whey therefore nourishes and cleanses with each taken sip.