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Etolix Healthy Eating Plan, is the second column supporting the program, the first being the Energy Slimming Teas, and the third being Energy Organic Hydration Plan.

The Energy Healthy Eating Plan is characterized by the frequent ingestion of food in small portions.
The frequency of food ingestion is every two hours with the base diet and every hour during liquid diets.

Doctors advise that people should eat, per meal, the amount of food that fits in the palm of their hands.

Etolix has standardized each food portion in 6 ounces, but this portion can be modified according to the specific requirements of each client.

The Energy Healthy Eating Plan is made up primarily of food low in calories, fats and sugars. It does not use simple carbohydrates or highly processed ones. Only complex carbohydrates such as beans, some vegetables and integral grains. Also excluded are foods that contain saturated and Tran saturated fats.

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Also, food with natural sugars or added sugar substitutes are also excluded from the program. We also teach our clients during the program to be critical buyers: label readers, when buying food, so they know how to choose the healthiest ones. Our clients learn to check nutritional charts and ingredient lists, so they can identify an avoid food harmful for their health.

In the Energy Healthy Eating Plan, the selection and combination of food is key, therefore the questions what do we eat, when do we eat and what do we combine our food with, are of great importance.

This is the basis for the so called Standard Diet, which is the basic diet usually followed by our clients once a day, at mid-morning.

The Energy Healthy Eating Plan is supported by the so-called Etolix Cell Restorative Milk (Lechada). This would be the nutritional or multivitamin nutritional complex that a doctor would normally recommend a patient in the form of capsules or pills. In the program, we substitute these supplements for something more natural: seeds, dry fruits and integral cereals. Etolix Cell Restorative Milk  is to be consumed while fasting, before food, every day.


The consumption of the shake is mandatory during the length of the program.

In general, complying with the Energy Healthy Eating Plan is indispensable to guaranty success in the search of your so desired ideal weight.