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Special Week Dreamy Summer!

Our Etolix 4th Edition of Special Week “Dreamy Summer” was truly marvelous. The results of the  “Dreamy Summer” week really surpassed our expectations. We had an average weight loss of over 7 pounds. Some of our clients lost more than 10 pounds; we established a new record during this week, a woman with a 2 points loss […]

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Lymphatic Drain Etolix

Etolix LYMPHATIC DRAIN The lymphatic system and liquid retention. What is the lymphatic system? The lymphatic system runs parallel to the blood circulatory system, but is not a closed loop nor does it have a pump as the blood circulatory system does. The lymphatic system contains a network of tissues and organs which help eliminate toxins and waste from the body. It’s primary […]

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What is a DETOX?

What is a DETOX? “DETOX” is a popular abbreviation of the term “Detoxification”. This is the method used to cleanse the colon of any left over, undigested or chemically processed foods, which, when sitting inside the colon will become surrounded by mucus, creating toxic wastes. Toxins can also enter your body while breathing air full of contaminants, […]

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About Us

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Etolix was created with the need to find a cure to my disease, Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP).

I never thought about commercializing this idea; my original intention was just to look for medicinal plants that would help me reduce the inflammation due to all the medical treatment and invasive chemotherapy that made me gain almost 30 pounds every month when applied.

It was during this time when I unfortunately fractured my lower spine, which held me bedridden for one year, unable to fully move or exercise. My problems had now combined twofold: living with my disease and not being able to exercise. I had to lay in bed and live with steroids every week. One night I...

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How it works

Slimming & Health Teas

Our teas are made from leaves and roots of organic plants, sun dried, mixed to obtain a natural product, without additives,

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Healthy Eating Plan

The Energy Healthy Eating Plan, is the second column supporting the program, the first being the Energy Slimming Teas, and ...

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Organic Hydration Plan

For Etolix, water is a fundamental element, so much that it makes the third column, or base, of its weight lost program.

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Our Services Are


Etolix has as its mean goal, not only to work actively with the client so he/she can reach his/her ideal weight...


At Etolix we are characterized by our professionalism. Although we do not follow formal medicine guidelines...


Because none of us are the same, Etolix offers each of our clients personalized attention by adjusting our regimen ....


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This is our team, every team member came on board with a specific set of expertise and personal characteristics that makes each and every one of them well suited to take care of our customer health.

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